Licorice Powder

    Product Code: N/A
    Specification: Powder
    Assay Method: TLC
    Botanical Source: Glycyrrhiza Uralensis / Glycyrrhiza Inflata
    Botanical Part Used: Root
    Character: Powder
    Certification: ISO22000, ISO9001
Product Description

Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Glycyrrhiza Inflata or Glycyrrhiza Glabra is found in Asia, Europe, Australia, America and other places. It is widely used throughout the world. There are records of licorice in the Code of Hammurabi in 2100 BC, and large quantities of licorice are also stored in Egyptian tombs 3000 years ago. In ancient Greece and Rome, licorice was used to treat cough and sore throat. In Europe, The Netherlands and other countries, licorice was used to treat stomach ulcers. In China, licorice is often combined with other medicines to treat a variety of diseases.


·Relieve a Cough.

·Relieve Pain.
·Skin Whitening.



Process Flow Chart

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