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On the afternoon of July 16, He Huigang, member of the standing committee of the Jiangbei district and director of the organization department with his entourage visited our company for research and guidance.

The heads of the relevant departments of the company accompanied the leaders of the district committee to visit the company's R&D center, pilot workshop, product display area, office area, and employee leisure and cultural activities area.

At the symposium, Vice Chairman Zhou Rong gave a special report on the company's overall situation and development plan, and introduced the company's business plan, product layout, and personnel structure in detail.

During the visit, the district party committee leaders carefully inquired about the difficulties and problems encountered by the current enterprise, and provided policy answers and guidance and preliminary implementation of the company's taxation, talent recruitment and other issues, and expressed that they would do their best to serve the development of the enterprise. At the same time, while affirming the overall development of the company, the district leaders also put forward specific suggestions on the overall layout of the company. Vice Chairman Zhou Rong expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the district party committee and district government for their specific support. In the follow-up, the company will further implement the strategic plan to achieve the long-term goal of common development of the company and its employees.

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